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STEP 1Keratin Softening step

  1. Step of softening the hardened keratin to eliminate keratin
  2. 01. Spray Tonic Booster to get enough wet.
  3. 02. Attach the cotton for the areas of hard flesh.
  4. 03. Wrap it to help absorb the product.
  5. 04. Wait for 10~15 minutes.
  6. 05. Release the lap and test to see if the keratin is missing with Pedi file.
  7. 06. When the keratin is pushed out, remove the thick keratin with BANDI Pedi red face (1000grit).
  8. 07. For the small keratin, file it with a blue face (180grit).
  9. 08. Stop filing when coming out keratin powder.

When you want to relax, add the Aromospa salt before PEDI SPA Step1 to proceed foot spa.

For cuticle care, arrange the cuticle during softening.

STEP 2Step for the residual keratin arrangement

  1. A foot scrub step with gentle removal of residual keratin and a refreshing with herbal essence with natural mineral scrub particles
  2. 01. Use a spatula to take a spoon of the Advanced Exfoliator
  3. 02. Put a little force on your fingers and gently rub the scrub
  4. 03. Rub thoroughly between the top and soles of the foot toes.
  5. 04. Rinse with warm water after exfoliation.

When coloring with Gelique, apply gel color after complete drying of Step2.

STEP 3Mask step

  1. High nutrition and moisturizing step to make rough feet tender, soft and moisturized.
  2. 01. Cut out the vinyl-packed entrances and take out the아이드라 Renew mask
  3. 02. Peel off the mask on both sides, put it on both feet and hold it for about 15 minutes.
  4. 03. After removing the mask, tap to absorb the remaining amount.

STEP 4Massage step

  1. Step to help blood circulation of swelling-easy feet by massaging with melting smoothly at body temperature
  2. 01. Using spatula, take Oil Sherbet Massage on the practitioner's hand.
  3. 02. Massage the calf and foot area after gently dissolving with the body temperature of the practitioner.
  4. 03. Wipe with a hot towel after massage.

When coloring with polish, color after removing oil on the toe nail of Step4 treatment.

STEP 5Finishing step

  1. Nourishing steps for Calm and Alleviation of edema
  2. 01. Finish after drying Pedi polish..
  3. 02. Take an appropriate amount of soothing finisher on the practitioner's hand and gently rub it on the foot and calf of the customer to be absorbed.

If feet are too dry or if it is winter, finish with Herbal Repair Cream.