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STEP 1Keratin Management

  1. Gel gommage treatment step that removes keratin by moisturizing to hand surface
  2. 01. Take an appropriate amount of Switul Gel gommage to customer's hand.
  3. 02. Apply gel gommage to hands and remove keratin by handling.
  4. 03. Shake off the keratin that has been pushed out and wipe it with hot towel.

When coloring with Gelique, start HAND SPA after gel coloring.

STEP 2Ample step

    Steps to nourish the skin by promoting blood circulation with microthermal effect
  1. 01. Take amples directly to customer's hand.
  2. 02. Handles and absorbs directly by customer.

Because it is highly concentrated, it absorbs quickly to the skin and allows the customer to absorb it directly.

STEP 3Mask Pack step

  1. Steps to make skin soft and shiny with silk therapy effect
  2. 01. Cover Neutro Vital mask on both hands.
  3. 02. Nourish for 10~15minutes.
  4. 03. Remove the pack and tap to absorb the remaining amount.

When treatment of cuticle care, remove the fingertip of the pack of Step3 treatment.

STEP 4Massage

  1. A regenerative massage step that balances the oil and moisture of the skin and gives vitality to the rough skin
  2. 01. Using spatula, take the rifinil massage in the hands of the practitioner.
  3. 02. Massage customer's hands, arms and elbow area.
  4. 03. Wipe with a hot towel after massage.

When coloring with polish, color after removing oil of Step4 treatment.

STEP 5Finishing step

  1. The step that the encapsulated moisture particles are absorbed into the skin to create a moisture barrier
  2. 01.Finishes after color drying.
  3. 02. Take an appropriate amount of the Water Drop Shield to practitioner's hand and gently rub it around customer's hands and arms to be absorbed.

If hands are too dry or if it is winter, finish with Arom hand rich.